Pol reflection

Kai’s presentation hit mastery not by strictly following the criteria, but by truly presenting real information about him, and showing how Mpx made his life better. Although unnecessary, the background that he gave about himself set the stage perfectly for a shocking exposé on how after Mpx, he’s changed as a learner. He addressed how at times he had problems, at times he had doubts, yet he was able to work through it and become the “new and improved Kai wilding.” Being a theater kid, Kai had a very good grasp of speech and could enrapture an audience through his tones and expressions. This showed mastery in most all aspects, and ultimately made his case. His slides were phenomenal and enhanced the presentation to a very high degree. Overall, Kai’s presentation was near perfect; the only thing I would change in it would be if he continued his beginning theme throughout, and didn’t bluntly state the artifacts. Mine on the other hand was delivered shakily, and scripted. I thought my content and words were quite good, but the way that I presented, coupled with the fact my script’s size was obtrusive, diminished the impact of my speech. Even though my presentation may not have been the caliber that I wanted it to be at, I am still proud of it. To me, it wasn’t about the grade: mastery or developing, this was my final testament to Mpx, and I wanted to show how much of a difference it made in my life. In truth, I wanted a good grade, I admit it; but I know now what little value that letter holds. Mpx taught me to pursue something because I love it, not because someone tells me to. So in conclusion, my POL was average, but not my time in Mpx and if I ever hope to succeed, Mpx has already shown me the way.

"If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."

- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Google time reflec

In my Google time, 
I subscribed to over 10 different accounts to broaden my horizons including Investing, entrepreneurship, coding, sales, leadership, and marketing. On top of this, i read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad and 3 years of the investment reports that Berkshire Hathaway submits annually.  I completed 8 separate segments on coding including: PhP, JavaScript and Html as well as submitted two assignments for the Stanford courses I am taking. One revolved around how markets opened, and the other talked about finance and mutual funds. In regards to business, In the case venue, we have formulated two separate products and started to prototype one. Also, we researched  designs similar and came up blank. With the masks, I have formulated minor connection With Ross and his friend and intend to continue that over the summer while juggling other obligatory work. I created a practice investment account as well and am watching tsla, Netflix, Disney and ford, which are doing well. I also started reading the intelligent investor and Margin of safety-intriguing books. I can definitely digress into more detail, but I think you get the gist of what I’m working on…


From bobby
Good enthusiasm,
Lower caliber of info
Good speech
Good articulation
Strong info
Too wide a topic good overall
Good use of props and resources
From kris
Good job
Nice graphic
Needs simpler words
Good time
Could use more detailed pics

Transformations geom

Geometric transformation:moving a shape so that it occupies a different position. It still contains though, the same size, area, angles and line length: flip, turn and side are the basic moves

Reflection: a reflection or flip is an action that makes symmetry along a coordinate plane

Translation:when a figure gets moved without changing the size or shape of the figure

Rotation: it is a transformation that turns a figure about a fixed point called a center of rotation

Bio ethics critique


Good info

Needs to elaborate on ethics more,

more graphics needed.

Speaks somewhat well but tone and volume could be fixed

Could be longer but concise

Enjoyable to watch

Knowledgeable but somewhat unprepared

Could be more relate able

not waver as much


Overpowering background

Very unsure and quiet

little info

Cameraman distracting

dull tone

short video

no graphic

quite boring

okay job

Pol script part 1

As a child, I always felt I was entitled to greatness- don’t we all? Obligated to play above the rules and pay homage to no one, I told myself that i as a human, was the heir to a vast legacy stretching back millenniums into antiquity. Capable of impossible feats, and powerful beyond measure. That with the finite time I have on this earth, I would do something that humanity eons from now would look back on, something they could respect. I dreamt of easily attainable success but in actuality, did very little to accomplish this task. Until Mpx.

At the beginning of the year, I was naive. I thought that with no effort, I could become great. Without a passion, I would be driven. Through passiveness, I would conquer. And I was wrong. Oh I was wrong. From the start of my educational career, I grew more and more callous towards school and that indifference at times made me question who I was, who I wanted to be, and who I would eventually grow to become. I entered Mpx with this mindset and not only were my eyes opened from this experience, but it also made me rethink the past 15 years of my life. I had always had ambitious goals, but had hardly ever strived to accomplish these in my spare time, choosing rather to amuse myself in any other possible way. The fact of the matter that I was unaware of was that I didn’t want it. Not truly at least. And to this day, that breaks my heart.

A couple months ago I saw something that truly moved me. With a simple sentence, it caused me to reexamine my life and ask myself, am I living up to my potential? Scrawled across a dirty wall under a lonely freeway overpass read the phrase, “what if I had tried?” I knew in my soul that that could be me, it scared me, but it also made me think. And that’s when growth happens.

I am an imperfect human, evidence of that is shown in every work I have ever produced. My apple paper was crude, my Rwanda reflection was cynical, and my paper on totalitarianism went on and on and on without really saying anything. And that was that. School as usual. And then something magical happened; we began the unit on aquaponics and entrapenurship.

I will finish this up tomorrow but part 1

May 6

Gmo script part 1

So lemme tell you bout a story about gmo corn,
Some say it causes disease, even more than shooting
Yo I tell you first so let me reiterate
I’ll warn you of the danger, then you be feeling great,
Step one get some maize and you’ll be amazed,
Find out that there’s bugs and they’ll make you crazed
Gotta fix your problem but you’re wondering how,
Gmo crops, yeah we’re makin them now.
You looking for some help with gmos well pause, here’s some stuff, that you should knows.
Genetically modified organism,
keep the bugs off like a rapist in prison,
Changing the genome to stop disease,
But is it messing with the trees?
Alright, thankyou that was my gmo rap

May 2

google check in for 3 week period

I am working on a plethora of courses which i really don’t have the time to elaborate on due to their extensive nature. just trust that this google time is well spent.